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About Me

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in the Electrical and Computer Eengineering Department, specifically within the DICE track, at the University of Texas at Austin. I have the privilege to be advised by Prof. Aryan Mokhtari and additionally, I am excited to part of the amazing Wireless Networking and Communications Group (WNCG), an interdisciplinary center for research and education based at UT Austin. Prior to that, I completed my undergraduate studies at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications in Greece and received my MSc in Logic, Algorithms and Theory of Computation from the Department of Mathematics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens under the supervision of Prof. Dimitris Fotakis.

My research interests revolve around the theory and applications of Optimization in large scale Machine Learning problems. More precisely, my focus lies on various aspects of Federated Learning and Decentralized Optimization. In addition to that, I find the area of Adaptive Optimization extremely interesting with my most recent work taking aim at bridging the gap between SGD and adaptive methods in a broad class of regimes.

I have worked as an applied scientist intern in the group of Alexa at Amazon where my primary focus was on developing and analyzing scalable, semi-asynchronous Federated Learning algorithms with robust performance in the presence of stragglers and data-heterogeneous clients in the network (addressing data and system heterogeneity). Additionally, our extensive experimental results illustrated the superior performance of our straggler-resilient methods over established baselines in academic (CIFAR10, CIFAR100, FEMNIST) and industry datasets.